teen/young adult social groups
many people with autism and asperger's syndrome have difficulty with social interaction.  social skills development is one of the main areas of need for children/teens/young adults on the autism spectrum.  as they reach middle and high school age, these interactions typically become even more difficult. special needs children are often bullied, and feel that they have no friends and that they cannot participate in social activities that are designed for typical children, or those that neuro-typical children engage in as a normal part of their development.

our  social group allows members to participate in activities just like their typical peers, such as pool parties, attending movies, going bowling and just hanging out with friends.  also, mochaa provides a safe, facilitated environment for the older child with special needs to increase their independence by participating in these activities with limited parent involvement or assistance.

participants are taught and then encouraged to independently use money, use a cell phone and make decisions during these activities. this group has been set up for teen/young adults who are verbal, want to make friends and are on the higher functioning end of the spectrum. this group has been extremely successful, with these kids feeling empowered and successful, and feeling like they have friends for the first time.  several of the teens who participate have successfully set up additional social outings outside of teen group-which is proof positive that they are getting the skills that they so desperately need.  they are learning the skills needed to be more successful socially, while also giving their parents a break from caring for them for a couple of hours. mochaa directors provide supervision for the teens, and assistance as needed while at the same time encouraging independence wherever possible.

wish we had a group that fit your child? we want to help our members create services that work for them. we are happy to talk about what is needed to set up a social group - to help you canvas for hosts, members, to set up communication (email groups), calendars, etc. it's not hard!