Welcome to mochaa

Mochaa offers support to parents and families of children with special needs, in particular those affected by the autism spectrum.  We do this by: offering online and in-person support groups, assisting families in preparing for IEPs  and in locating resources, and by offering parents the opportunity and support to create services together (such as our teen/young adult social group, or parent yoga class)

We believe that parent support is vital, essential, and works best when it is local.  A parent who feels alone and ostracized is not able to properly care for their child with special needs.  Parents need to feel the support and togetherness that can only be provided by other special needs parents.  We are all in this together.

When you make a donation to mochaa, you support our ability to offer services free of charge to families who need it, and our ability to perform outreach, by attending conferences and local special education activities.


Parent support groups

Mochaa offers parent support groups in a low-key, informal setting. Our mochaa parents benefit from being able to talk and socialize in a comfortable environment. Access to other parents with the same kinds of concerns and problems is essential for coping with the stresses of raising a child with special needs. We share our trials and tribulations, as well as our joys and triumphs, in parenting our children with special needs. Monthly potluck dinners bring us together in a way that we can enjoy, and laugh or cry as needed.

Online forums

Much of the time, a parent needs quick access to advice from other parents, that won’t wait for a monthly meeting. that’s what our online discussion groups are for.

To ask to join our google group(s), go to groups.google.com, sign in or create a google id, search google groups for the word 'mochaa', click the link 'apply for membership' and follow the instructions. Please note, the group is private, and we only allow parents/families to join, so please tell us about your special needs family member in your application! Welcome!

To ask to join our facebook group(s), go to facebook.com, login or create an account, search for the word 'mochaa'. You will find our public page, our parent support group, and our teen/young adult group. Follow the link and find the 'join' button. Please be aware we will only add families affected by special needs, so tell us about yourselves in your request.


The members of mochaa create the ideas for the services we offer, and in most cases provide the service as well. Past services included playgroups for children with special needs, a wellness brunch for parents. Current services include:

Yoga for parents

Weekly yoga class in a private, quiet, calm environment. Emphasis on stress reduction

Social groups for teens/young adults with autism spectrum special needs

Mochaa offers social interaction opportunities for teens and young adults in a safe, structured environment. activities include hanging out, cooking, art, going out(movies, restaurants, etc.), video games, board games, swimming, and we strive to let the group be in charge of choosing. Our goal is for participants to make long-lasting friendships, and have the opportunity to participate in social activities as their typical peers do. Mochaa teens/young adults are encouraged to exchange information and continue friendships outside of group.